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What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of producing quality information that people will value. That could look like an article/blog post, photography or videos, infographics, podcasts, and the list goes on!

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You may have heard the adage lately, “Content is King”! The challenge with content marketing, is that a lot of people are creating phenomenal content … that nobody is seeing. It does no good to put all that effort into creating valuable pieces of content, if nobody – or not many people – will see it.

Data Driven Content Marketing

This is where content marketing and SEO are a perfect match! Each piece of content needs to be researched for SEO, before it is created. If you’re making a video, you should know before you make the video, what the keywords are in your niche, that you should be using in your video. (Yes, the video transcription matters!)

If you’re creating a blog article, you should proceed it with a SEO researched writing brief. This allows you to know what keywords you should target in your writing, and also the related and long tail keywords that should be included as well. And once the piece is written, it should go through another round of SEO optimization to give it the best chance possible of being seen by your audience.

It’s a process! It takes work! It can be time consuming, and there are always challenges along the way- but the final product is worth it.

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