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What Does A Content Plan Entail?

Content plans that produce the most ROI are those that are based on solid SEO research. What does that look like? These are some of the things that we do to prepare a content strategy:

  • Keyword Research: We use specialized SEO tools that will tell us what actual words people are typing into Google to find products & services like yours.
  • Competitor Research: We assess who your largest online competitors are, and create reports to understand what keywords they are ranking for – essentially scanning their websites and collecting all their keywords. Then we can target those keywords as well to give us more ideas to create content around. 
  • Create Reports: We create the following reports:
    • Current Rank Report: Showing where your site currently stands.
    • Gap Report: This shows what your competitors are ranking for vs what your site is ranking for. It identifies opportunities to “steal” keywords from your competitors.
    • Keyword Universe Document: This is an aggregate of all the research and serves as the backbone of the content strategy.

Out of the 8.5 Billion searches per day, how Does Google know to show your site?

Content, and the keywords that your content contains.

That is why content is so important!

Customized Content
Starting at $299/mo.


Customized Content
Starting at $299/mo.

AI Assisted Content

Does AI write our content?

In short, no. AI does not write the content that we publish. But does AI assist us in writing content? Yes. There are a lot of varying statistics, but from our research, at least 75% of marketers are using AI to at least assist them in writing content. 

Yet, no matter how good your AI prompt is, if you just copy the output of ChatGPT, Jasper, or any number of the other AI content writers out there, and then just paste it into a client’s website, you’re doing a disservice. Why? Because stats have shown that AI content doesn’t rank as well as human content. 

Content that we publish is touched and edited by a human. AI can give you a head start, but without thorough editing, adding personal examples, citations, and “the human touch” to the article, it’s probably not going to rank as well. 

As a marketer, you will fall behind if you’re not using AI, but you must use it as an assistant, not a replacement!

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Websites that publish content at least 16 times per month, see a 3x increase to their traffic.

Content Calendar

One aspect of a comprehensive content plan is a content calendar that outlines information about your content pieces. Title, publishing date, copy links and a myriad of other information is all tracked on the calendar. In this way, you can keep all your content pieces organized and published on time. We trust this is useful for you and have included a free content calendar download.

Here are the columns on the calendar:

  • Month
  • Scheduled Publish Date
  • Day of Week
  • Title/Subject Line
  • Main SEO KeyPhrase
  • Cornerstone Category
  • Channel
  • Draft On Website (Checkbox)
  • SEO Optimized (Checkbox)
  • Reviewer Approved (Checkbox)
  • Client Approved (Checkbox)
  • Scheduled/
    Published (Checkbox)
  • Reviewer
  • Copy Link
  • Media Link(s)
  • Gated? (Checkbox)
  • Notes
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